Frequently Asked Questions?
Q. I get an error ‘This application requires the following module, which is not installed: net_rim_xml_org’
A. We’ve seen a few reports of this error, have been in contact with tech support from RIM, but have not been able to find a solution yet. It appears to happen on a variety of devices and carriers. Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem at the moment is to use the mobile site
Q. The progess bar freezes when I’m trying to load a sport’
A. Try a soft reboot on your phone (not a battery pull). Avoid use of the “forced update” unless necessary. As a last resort, try uninstalling BBSportslines and installing a fresh copy.
Q. How often do lines update
A. We typically update lines on the server about every 15 minutes. On the device, data is retrieved once every hour while the application is being used. Data is automatically downloaded. If you need data sooner, use the ‘force update’ menu option.
Q. I set an alert, but dont see anything in alert view
A. Alerts are only displayed once they have been triggered by the line changing.

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